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What started out as a joke at a men's retreat turned into a T-shirt that people actually wanted to wear! We printed a few extra and they sold out in a flash, printed more and those were gone.

We get more positive responses from wearing this shirt than anything we have ever worn and a few eye rolls as well. Love those!

For those that are self-righteous and are more concerned about the word, "ass" than actually sharing Christ with people - we have a "butt" version just for you. If that is offensive to you then we can't help you. Go troll and complain about something else. Maybe read 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 and did you know "Ass" or "Asses" is in the KJV bible 56 times and referees to donkeys. The famous Christmas carol - "The Little Drummer Boy" that is talking about the birth of Christ has in its lyrics, "The ox and ass kept time"!

So lighten up and share the gospel.

God did defeat Satan and death so you could have eternal life and have life abundantly here on earth. Click on the gospel if you want to know what that even means! Never forget that God loves you!

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